Three Things to Look for Before You Sign a Lease

You’re probably very excited if you’re getting ready to sign a new lease to rent an apartment. You have every right to be excited. However, you should take each step slowly so that you don’t sign up for something you might later regret. These are three things you should do before you accept a deal and sign a lease:

Look for Damages

A walkthrough is something that you need to do before you sign a new lease. The walkthrough will allow you to search every crevice of the apartment to look for problems such as damage or electrical issues. You should notate every problem you see so that the apartment complex cannot say you caused any of them.

Check for Pest Problems

Pest problems are another issue you should look for before you sign a lease. Take some time to look for any signs of pest carcasses or living pests in certain areas of the home. If you see more than a few, the apartment complex may need to contact All Star Pest Control for assistance. It’s well within your right to wait until the pest control situation is taken care of before you sign a lease. It’s also acceptable to pass up the lease as well.

Check out the Nightly Activity

You also need to see what kind of activity goes on at the complex at night. Everything seems peaceful in the daytime. However, you’ll really find out how the area is if you stop there at night. You will know whether it’s an area you’ll want to live in or if you should seek to find your home someplace else.

Check those three things, and you’ll find the perfect apartment for yourself. It will be a place where you won’t mind making your home for many years.