3 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Deck for the Outdoor Season

Spring is in the air. You find yourself dreaming of backyard sun and fun, barbeques and relaxing afternoons, but when you look out on your outdoor space, you realize it needs some work before it can live up to your dreams. Now is the time to spruce up your deck so that you can enjoy it to the fullest extent as the cold breaks, the days grow longer and life begins to emerge in the great outdoors.

Organize the Space

Any outdoor space is prone to becoming a cluttered disaster, decks in particular as they are contained areas close to the house that often have some protection from the elements. If your deck has become another place for storage over the winter, your first task will be to find a new home for the items that don’t belong. Once you have cleared the space so that only relevant articles remain, it is time to sort out how to organize what is left. There are multiple storage options that can help you create a home for outdoor toys, grilling goods and anything else you like to have on hand. Modular decking components are a good option for adding storage while also improving the look of your deck area.

Update the Furniture

If you live in a four-season environment, your outdoor furniture can take a beating over the winter months, even if you have taken care to cover it. Check the condition of all outdoor furniture to ensure it is still safe to use. If you are wanting a new look for your deck, updating the furniture can give it that fresh style you desire.

Weatherproof the Structure

As spring and summer roll around, you will want to make sure your structure can handle the stress of the elements. If you have a composite deck, be sure to check that it is still in good condition and replace any boards that need replacing. If you have a wood deck, you will need to make sure your topcoat is up to fending off the sun, rain and heat. Replace rotting boards and, if you need to repaint, choose a stain or paint that is specifically designed to protect the decking from the elements.

Now is the time to ready your deck for the upcoming seasons of outdoor fun and sun. Declutter the space, freshen up the furniture and protect the structure from the elements so that your space is the haven you seek in the warm spring and summer months.