Is It Time To Call a Plumber?

There are a lot of little maintenance issues around the home that renters and homeowners alike tend to take care of themselves because it’s most convenient. Typically, these issues are small, like cleaning air ducts or flushing the sediment from water tanks. It can be hard for even handy homeowners to tell when the situation has gotten past that point, though, and knowing when to call in professionals can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration. So, when should you call in a plumber instead of getting down to business with your toolbox? Here are three sure signs you need a plumbing company Austin to take care of your current dilemma.

1. You See Water Where You Shouldn’t

It can be tempting to try to trace a small drip leak or even a larger issue yourself, but it’s not always possible or even feasible. In fact, sometimes it can seem like a drip leak is coming from one pipe when it’s actually coming from another because of the way water runs down and across surfaces. At the same time, the longer you go with a leak, the more likely it is that water damage is happening in spaces you can’t even see, like between your walls. That’s why it’s a good idea to call in the professionals whenever you see water that’s leaked, whether it’s in the kitchen, running into the basement, or showing up as damp spots on the drywall.

2. You Don’t Have Hot Water

If your hot water drops out, check out your water heater. For gas heaters, you should see whether the pilot is lit or not. You can try to relight it if it has gone out and you know how to do so safely. If it’s an electric heater or if the pilot is not the issue, shut down the water coming into the heater and, if necessary, the gas line. Then call for help. Water heaters are complex, and an Austin plumber will be able to assess the issue and recommend a fix without delay.

3. You Notice Water Pressure Dropping

If you’re getting less water pressure than usual, there are a lot of possible reasons. Sometimes, it’s even outside your control entirely, like when your city needs to perform line maintenance or flushes. Sometimes, it’s due to a broken main on the way into the house, but there’s no tell-tale wet spot in the front yard to tell you yet. Whatever the reason, a professional has the tools to get to the bottom of it quickly, so you need to make a call.