How to Find A Professional Plumber

At the moment, an unlimited amount of information is available on any possible topic. Thanks to the Internet, we can find the answer to any question within a few minutes. Numerous video tutorials and articles will help us solve a lot of everyday problems, even if we are not experts in the field of construction, cleaning, and interior design. However, there are still situations when it is better to entrust the work to professionals. For example, most plumbing work requires the involvement of professionals, so it is better to entrust it to the 5 Star Plumbing team if you live in Sacramento! 

Highly qualified plumbers from large companies are ready to solve any problem quickly and efficiently, using high-quality tools to achieve the best result. But how to find an excellent plumbing company and choose a specialist among various offers on the market? How to check the qualifications of plumbing skills? Keep reading this article to find answers to these questions!

Advantages of The Professional’s Work in Comparison With Self-Repair

Unfortunately, even with constant inspections and proper maintenance of plumbing equipment in the kitchen and bathroom, sometimes problems simply cannot be avoided. Rust, leaks in pipes, accumulation of water under the bathtub or shower, blockages in sinks — all these problems are extremely common. If ignored, they will lead to serious problems with the entire water supply system in the house. 

Therefore, it is always worth contacting a professional in time. Even with the necessary tools, due to inexperience, self-repair of pipes and sinks is usually not successful. What is even worse, unknowingly, you can aggravate the problem (for example, damage the pipes by trying to tighten the plug harder).

Remember that even a small leak can be caused by extremely serious reasons. Only a true professional is able to find the real cause of the problem in a timely and correct manner and comprehensively repair the entire plumbing system in your home. 

In addition, an experienced specialist will tell you how to eliminate blockage, leakage, or depletion of water pipes with any budget. Trying to solve the problem yourself, you can spend money on extra tools or purchase low-quality materials for a large amount.

Why Should You Call a Plumber?

So, comparing the independent solution of the problem with the use of the services of a professional plumber, we can identify several major reasons for contacting a group of professionals: 

  • The use of expensive and effective tools to eliminate breakage or leakage; 
  • You pay only for one visit and get the opportunity to use all the knowledge and experience of a plumber to fix your problem; 
  • Good companies guarantee that the problem will be fixed and there will be no problems in the future. Otherwise, you will get your money back, so you do not take any risks, hold your nerve, and save money;
  • A plumber can solve the problem much faster than you do it yourself; 
  • Calling a plumber, you can count on a complete diagnosis of not only a specific section of pipes but also the entire water supply system in your home. An integrated approach helps to avoid serious problems in the future.

Where To Find A Professional Plumber

In order to find a reliable company that provides plumbing services, you can use several sources of information:

1. Family and friends

No one will be as honest with you as relatives and close friends. They are the ones who can give you the most detailed and honest feedback about a local company and tell you about a particular plumber, so the first thing you can do is ask all your friends about their experience using plumbing services. 

2. Forums on the Internet

Now you can find many sites where people share their experiences, rate companies, and write honest reviews about plumbing services. This is a great source of information! Unfortunately, if the company is not very popular, then you are unlikely to find many reviews. Choose the company with the best rating!

3. Local press

Perhaps this method of finding a plumber may seem a bit old-fashioned to you, but it is still effective! If you cannot find a large plumbing company on the internet, maybe you will find a great small local company in the newspaper ad.

Factors to consider 

Now let us mention the most important factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a plumber or a company:

1. Be sure to read the reviews about the company

This advice is the most obvious, but it is effective. Reviews on the website, advice from relatives or friends, information in local newspapers all this will help you get the most honest and detailed information about the quality of services of any company.

2. Pay attention to the portfolio of completed projects

On the website of a reputable company that you can trust, you can usually find portfolios with photos and descriptions of completed plumbing repair projects in the homes of previous clients. After studying this page, you can independently draw conclusions about the accuracy of work and professionalism of plumbers working in this company.

3. Ask a plumber about their work experience

If the company assigns you a specific plumber to perform the work and you know their phone number, then it will be a great idea to call this specialist in advance to find out about their work experience.

4. Availability of certificates

In the USA, any plumber can officially provide services only if they have a license. Every specialist who works in a large company should be certified, but it is better to clarify this in advance. Even if you decide to use the services of a non-certified plumber due to your friends’ recommendation, you will have to keep in mind that you are putting yourself in danger. Since all plumbing services will be performed informally, you can overpay. Moreover, if problems arise in the future, you will not be able to return the money for poor-quality work.

5. Obligations 

If you are not satisfied with the work of a plumber, then you will be able to request monetary compensation from the company. However, a refund will only be possible if the plumber is bound by obligations. Of course, you can trust the plumber, but make sure that you will not be let down. Moreover, it always makes sense to check the availability of insurance. It will also protect you and help you save money.

Basic Skills of an Excellent Plumber

We understand that most likely, you cannot understand what exactly caused a small leak or blockage in your bathroom. Therefore, it is often difficult for most homeowners to understand exactly what is required from a plumber. When a specialist comes to clients’ homes, they cannot determine how well the plumber can assess the real problem, how confident they are in the correctness of the solution, and whether they use strong and durable materials for repairs. 

In order to help all homeowners who are not professionals in the plumbing, we have prepared a short and clear list of some basic skills of a good plumber:

  • The specialist has a degree in plumbing and also practical experience as a plumber for at least several years; 
  • The plumber is constantly improving (they are interested in new technologies, materials, the latest trends in plumbing and repair work, take advanced training courses); 
  • The plumber is well versed in special terms and technical documents; 
  • The plumber evaluates the entire plumbing system of your house and does not try to repair a specific area as quickly as possible without finding out the cause of the leak; 
  • The plumber is ready to confirm their knowledge and skills with certificates.

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