Common Plumbing Problems in Homes with Kids

Sometimes, common plumbing issues are caused by the curiosity of a child, especially in their toddler years. They love to put things in places they do not belong like a bath toy inside the toilet.

Their tiny hands and curious minds are the best ingredients for a sensory play like water play, and the bathroom is the best location for it aside from the outdoor. However, this can sometimes lead to plumbing damage, leaks, and clogs.

Fortunately, parents have amazing ways to train their children about life’s basics by involving them in common household chores and pretend-play. Through this, they can include naming different parts of the house, how to use them properly, and cleaning them.

Figuring out the specific plumbing issues caused by tiny adorable hands can help the parents and homeowners the best way to solve home leak problems. Here are 4 examples of them:

Running Toilet

When the bathtub is installed in the nearby toilet, it is not impossible that a child will play with the flush and other parts that he can reach while he is taking a bath. This can cause damage and leaks.

Potty training is one of the great ways to introduce the purpose and function of the toilet to the child. By this, he will know that the toilet is not supposed to be played with.

Dripping Faucet

A faucet is every child’s common favorite bath toy because it is the easiest tool to twist and enjoy the water from. They love to see flowing water from it and use their hands to catch the dripping water. However, this may lead to a big plumbing issue.

It is recommended to provide them alternative toys that they can use as a water dripper or order them pretend-play accessories like a sink toy set.

While the dripping faucet is annoying especially when you are a single parent or stay-at-home mom without urgent help available, it is essential to remind yourself that your child needs your patience in his crucial years of age.

Clogged drains

During bath time or water play, parents sometimes give them a snack and allow them to eat especially if they are not ready to get out of the water the soonest possible. So aside from the tiny bath toys, foodstuffs can also clog the drains.

This may seem like a minor issue for a moment but when they get stuck in the drains for a long time, it will surely cause plumbing issues. It is best to clean up after the child played in the bathroom. Make sure that there are no leftovers in the drains and small toys that are stuck.

Low-pressure water

Children love to use a shower so much and they usually stay for a longer time in taking a bath because of it.

Frequent use of showers and faucets can cause a mineral build-up, dirt, molds, and sediment in the pipes or in the faucet aerators and showerheads. Regular cleaning of faucets and showerheads can prevent low water pressure that makes it difficult to rinse things and shower.

Maintaining the cleanliness and clog-free pipes and drains will also keep your bathroom clean for the children.

It may be overwhelming for some homeowners to maintain a clean and organized home while parenting their children, especially a toddler, let alone preventing all mentioned plumbing issues above. But by hiring a licensed and reliable plumber, these issues can be addressed professionally. No doubt that a professional plumber is a lifesaver for busy parents.