How to Get Rid of Woodworm Infestation?

Woodworm infestation can occur in any part of your home where timber materials exist. There are many species of wood worm having a specific preference for various types of timber. They can damage windows, roof, kitchen boards, floorboards and furniture. It actually refers to the larvae of wood-boring beetle. The most common type is the furniture beetle i.e. Anobium punctatum. Other forms are deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufuvillosum) and powder post beetle (Lyctus brunneus). All Woodworm are not harmful and you can consult an experienced entomologist to identify the species. You can get rid of this beetle, only if you seek proper advice and take effective preventive measures. Woodworm prefers damp and moist conditions, where they lay their eggs. The larvae are responsible for maximum damage. It burrows beneath the surface of the wood and the holes indicate the infestation has started. You will observe fine powdery dust appearing out of the holes. The adult forms spread to the adjoining timber items to start an infestation again. The whole wooden items get damaged in due course of time. Although the most favourite destinations of these beetles are the floorboards, loft timbers and old furniture; but they can spread to any wooden item.

Treatment is done with the use of specific pest control chemicals. If the holes are deep, it can cause extensive damage and may require immediate advice of a professional pest control expert. A simple pesticide treatment for a home costs some pounds, but if you ignore the same, it can lead to severe destruction of the whole wooden items. The most common chemicals used are boron, permethrin, injectable gels and pastes. You can prevent woodworm returning by keeping a control on the humidity level with proper ventilation. Affected wooden items should be immediately replaced, so as to avoid further spreading of the woodworm. A timber moisture meter can be hired and you can get the moisture content reading. Woodworm mostly infests timber with moisture content ranging from 15-20 percent. Wooden items can be infected with larvae without being noticed for a long period. It’s only when visible signs like small round holes in the furniture, powdery dust and the mature beetles start emerging from them. These beetles are further responsible for boring the holes in timber. An entomologist can identify the species and tell you their exact breeding time. Get the holes blocked during the breeding period by painting with a coat of gel or injecting specific chemical. Electric fly traps can be installed to trap the emerging adult beetles in damp places. It would be much better if you hire the services of any professional pest control expert. Obviously, you can get rid of woodworm infestation. There are many good service providers in Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon and Warwick: experienced in pest control in kitchens and other parts of your home.