4 Signs You’ve Brought Bed Bugs Home

People that have discovered a bed bug infestation often had no idea it was happening. Bed bugs can infest any type of dwelling if you’re unlucky enough to bring one home. The earlier you find out, the easier they can be eliminated. Here are four signs that a bed bug hitched a ride home with you.

1. Tiny Bites and Stains on Bedding

If you wake up with small bite marks that itch, you may brush them off as mosquitoes. However, if it’s happening every night and you see tiny blood stains on your bedding, there’s a good chance you have bed bugs. Bed bugs will rarely wake you up, but the evidence they leave behind is indisputable.

2. Bug Shells in Mattress Seams

Once you suspect a bed bug problem, inspect your mattress immediately. Check along the seams and if you see tiny bug shells or wings, call for bed bugs Staten Island pest control as soon as possible.  Bed bugs are extremely difficult to remove from a home and you’ll need professional help.

3. Strange Odor That’s New

If a bed bug has found its way into your home via clothing, luggage or because you purchased used furniture, you may eventually notice a strange odor. Bed bugs smell musty and the scent will seem to come from nowhere. By the time this occurs, many insects are already present.

4. Bugs on the Wall or Furniture

Despite their name, bed bugs aren’t only found in beds, but also hide out in furniture, carpeting, behind baseboards and inside walls. If you have small cracks in your wall or have peeling wallpaper, it’s a perfect hiding spot for bed bugs.

Bed bugs can infest even the cleanest home if they’re accidentally brought in. If you’ve noticed bites, stains on bedding or have found bug parts, contact a professional immediately.