Freshen Up the Look of Your Historic Home in Wisconsin

Historic homes are full of characters and charm. They simply don’t construct homes with the detail and care that they used to. It’s possible to embrace this aesthetic while keeping the look of your home fresh and fun.

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Before central heating, fireplaces were commonplace in the household. This cozy addition can be a huge plus if you present it properly. The surround and the mantle can sometimes appear dated or out of touch. You can keep the function and the feel of a grand fireplace, but totally transform its look by replacing these items. A funky new tile or a cool reclaimed wood mantle piece are very on trend. Fireplaces can be tricky, so it’s recommended to reach out to services like fireplace surrounds Milwaukee or other professionals.


Older homes are usually blessed with beautiful ceilings. All they need is to be highlighted in a modern way. If you have big, wooden beams it helps to paint the ceiling white or a light color in between, so they stand out. You can also stain the beams if you aren’t happy with the color, or the wood has faded. Pressed tin ceilings are another feature of historic homes, and a fresh coat of paint can have them looking brand new. However, depending on their condition, you could also just polish them up.


Although it may not be the flashiest upgrade, one crucial way to keep your home looking fresh is refurbishing your floors. Historic homes often have gorgeous hardwood, but it may be scuffed, scratched and worn with age. Not to worry, you can sand these down and refinish them- this keeps their integrity but allows them to look good as new. You’ll be surprised what a big difference it will make.

You don’t have to totally gut your old house of all that makes it special in order to keep up with the times. Some clever revamping will have you setting trends of your own. Now, get to work!