Sprucing up the outside of your home

Most of us spend time and money making the interior of our homes a place where we love to spend time, and rightly so; our house is our kingdom, after all. Some of us do not put equal effort into the exterior of our home, even though it is the first thing we see when we come home after a hard day at work. It is also the first thing our visitors see, and first impressions count.

The Wonder of Paint

Nothing screams neglect like peeling paint and rusty metalwork. This is a job we can all do ourselves, with no need to call in the experts unless you really are pressed for time. Painting is one of the cheapest and most effective things that you can do to give your home an overhaul. Don’t skimp on the prep work; sand well and apply a base coat if necessary.


Spring is looming, and it is time to get planting. If gardening is not your forte, you can buy ready planted containers from garden centres. All you need to do is water them. Remember, too, that nothing makes a house look quainter – whilst working wonders to cover up a less-attractive exterior – than a climbing rose. It is also worth noting the difference that a good mow can make to the appearance of your lawn.

Elbow Grease

Another very simple measure that makes the difference between a house looking loved or neglected is clean windows. Reach for the soapy water and squeegee!

For those of you nearby a Double Glazing in Cheltenham company should be your first port of call when considering replacing your windows especially if you find that the seals around the edges of your windows start to perish or the glass in damaged in anyway.

Attractive Features

Adding some garden ornaments or furniture makes your home look loved and cared for. Head to the local garden centre and see what you can find. Ornaments and statues can look fabulous, as can a wooden bench under the window beneath that trailing rose bush. Think about whether the features that already adorn your home are up to scratch, such as the door knocker and letter box. The Telegraph has more ideas on this topic.


Rubbish can really ruin your home’s curb appeal, whether it is wind-blown or the clear-out you did earlier, so be sure to address this right away.