Perfect AC Units You Need Now

Whatever the model or specifics of your air conditioner, it is important to choose the right location to take full advantage of its many benefits and enjoy ideal thermal comfort.

Where to install the outdoor unit?

The outdoor unit equips all split air conditioners, whether mobile or not, reversible or not. To ensure proper operation, the outdoor unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight and it is important that it be protected from strong winds. Slightly noisy, it is best to keep it away from the neighborhood and also from the windows of the rooms. Prefer a floor installation rather than a wall to avoid any vibration effect in the walls. If possible, also try not to push the outdoor unit away from the indoor unit to facilitate connections and installation of the exhaust ducts.

Where to install the indoor unit?

First of all, install indoor units away from heat sources such as bay windows. Indeed, a glazed kiss lets in the sun and immediately warms the air that has just been cooled by the air conditioner. Do not place the indoor units of the walls or beams too closely to facilitate air diffusion. It is not recommended to install an air conditionerin front of a sofa, a bed or just above a table because it is very unpleasant to feel a breath of cold air constantly on his face. In addition, it could cause a cold or headache. The ideal location for an outdoor unit is in the middle of the room or where the surface is the most unobstructed. For a wall mounted air conditioner, install it about 2m high for better diffusion of hot or cold air.

Wall mounted air conditioner

The wall-mounted air conditioner is a sort of box, which, as the name implies, is fixed on the wall. The console air conditioner, similar in appearance to a radiator, the cassette air conditioner which is in the form of rectangular grid and installs in false ceiling and the duct, which is placed in the same way. These products benefit from a simple diffusion system (mono-split): with the best ac units outside and a unit inside but in a single room; or multi-split: with an outdoor unit and units in several rooms (up to five) in the house / apartment. The authorization of the town hall for the installation of a fixed air conditioner is not required, unless you live in a protected area. On the other hand, you will have to obtain the approval of the majority of the co-owners, if you live in apartment.

In which rooms install an air conditioner?

An air conditioner ensures ideal thermal comfort but it does not find its place in every room of the house. It is perfect in living rooms such as the dining room, living room or bedrooms. On the other hand, it is to be avoided in a veranda or in rooms equipped with a bay window. It is also not wise to place an air conditioner in a room that has a direct opening to the outside. Indeed, the frequent opening of the door lets air escape from the room and cancels the benefits of your air conditioner.

However, if you have several rooms to cool in your home, opt for the multi-split air conditioner. It has an outdoor unit and several indoor units dedicated to each room. In other words, you need to install a different block in each room.