Make the most of a conservatory all year round

When looking for a new property, many people search for one in their desired location that has a conservatory to give the family some additional room. It is important when looking at a home with a conservatory that you seek the advice of a Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester company such as to ensure that the structure is sound and was built correctly.

A conservatory is a convenient way of extending the home and enables you to open up the space onto your garden or other outdoor area; however, many homeowners don’t make full use of their conservatories, especially during the colder months. If you feel that your conservatory can get too cold in the winter, now is the time to do something about it.

Install heating

If you don’t have some method of heating in your conservatory, it will definitely become very cold in the winter; in fact, the majority of conservatories will become unusable without any form of heating. This is probably why research has found that many homeowners use their conservatory comfortably for just two months of the year. Even when you have installed some heating, you can make the space feel even cosier by lighting scented candles and having blankets to cuddle up in. In this way you will soon be seeing the benefits of the space all year round.

Choosing your flooring wisely

A large amount of heat loss in conservatories occurs through the flooring; in fact, statistics show that 10% of the total heat loss escapes in this way. Choosing the best type of flooring will help to reduce this heat loss and create a cosier atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Floor tiles, especially those with a high PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating, are good insulators and have the additional benefit of looking stylish. A good-quality carpet with a thick layer of underlay would also be a warm choice.

Invest in insulation

Unlike the rest of the property, the majority of conservatories are not insulated effectively. This can result in large amounts of heat loss, leading to a colder room and more expensive energy bills, but there are ways in which you can prevent heat from escaping by adding features to existing conservatories. Blinds across the windows and ceiling can be an effective form of insulation and you could also look at solar inserts which can easily be retrofitted and help to radiate heat back into the room to keep it warm.

Once you have sorted out the heating and insulation in your conservatory, you will have a space that feels beautifully warm and inviting throughout the year.