Bamboo Poles-Wonder of the new world

Do you know what bamboo poles are?

Here is the answer explained for you in points.

  • Bamboo poles are naturally obtained from the Phyllostachys Nigra species.
  • These are said to be pest resistant and are natural.
  • Can be used as support sticks.
  • These are obtained from trees.
  • Bamboo poles are strong, have greater tensile strengths and durability.
  • Naturally these poles are of deep brown color.

Why do we make Fake Bamboo Poles?

As the demand is increasing commercially, we have started making Plastic Bamboo Poles, with all of the following properties.

  • Color is kept natural to give a natural look.
  • These are strong and have high endurance.
  • PVC Bamboo Poles are highly adaptive to weather changes.

What material is used to make Fake Bamboo Poles?

Some of the Fake Bamboo Poles are made up of plastic so these are also called Plastic Bamboo Poles. The plastic which is used for manufacturing Fake Bamboo Poles is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

What is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)?

PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer. It has two forms or types;

1- Rigid

2- Flexible

Both the types are used to further manufacture pipes and poles for indoors and outdoors. These forms are used according to the need and requirements.

Plastic Bamboo Poles are made up of PVC. And that is why it is also known as PVC Bamboo Poles.

Uses of PVC Bamboo Poles:

Plastic Bamboo Poles or Fake Bamboo Poles are widely used nowadays.

Some of the uses are as follows:

1- As poles look aesthetically attractive, these are used as gates of homes, cafes and restaurants.

2- Bamboo gives a natural look so many gardens have fences made out of PVC Bamboo Poles.

3- Fake Bamboo Poles are used for making lodges as support for climbing plants.

4- Plastic Bamboo Poles are also used to make screens for concealing unattractive or awful spots.


Reasons for the extensive use of PVC Bamboo Poles are that these are economical and durable with stunningly aesthetic.