Six easy ways to warm a room

Being cold can make the most cheerful person feel grumpy and miserable. Despite your best efforts, there may be a room in your home that just never gets really warm . It is worth having a Boiler Service Gloucester company such as check your system annually to make sure there are no issues and to see if they can identify why your heating is not working to full capacity. Here are some ways that you can warm up your rooms so that you and your family can feel toasty warm regardless of the weather outside.

Bleed radiators

The boiler may be chugging away, but nothing is happening. This could mean that cold air is trapped in the radiators and they need bleeding. This should be done once a year to keep your central heating in good shape.

Add a radiator

Maybe the heating you have is also insufficient for the space. Try adding column radiators to boost the thermometer reading.

Draw your curtains

Putting thicker curtains on your windows, and drawing them, will also keep all that lovely heat in the room where it belongs and help prevent it from going straight out the window.

Mind the gap

Leaks or gaps where warm air can go out and chilly air can come in need to be addressed if you want to keep a room warm and not waste money on heat that goes straight outside. These leaks could be in walls, around windows, or even in the floor.

Exclude draughts

Draught excluders at the bottom of doorways are also a simple way to help keep the warmth inside, and if you don’t have a draught excluder, they are easy to make yourself.


Insulation is another option, which may seem expensive in the short term, but it could greatly contribute to your comfort, and in a few years it could pay for itself by making your home more efficient to heat and reducing your energy bills. If you want to know more about insulation options, see this report from The Telegraph.

Effective and efficient heating is always one of the best ways to feel warmer faster and having this regularly checked can help you avoid costly repair bills.

Address areas where heat is leaking out of a room, make sure your central heating is up to the job, and friends and family should feel toasty and welcomed when they enter your home.