Why Should You Consider Tankless Hot Water?

Whether you are updating your current home or building a new residence, selecting your hot water system is one of the decisions you will make. Throughout Europe, instant hot water has been the standard for decades. Since the 1990s, many Americans have found several reasons to turn away from the traditional water tanks used in the past. Instead, they are choosing to follow the European’s example.


The area planned for a traditional water heater can now be used for storage since the tankless system requires much less space.

Higher Efficiency

Studies show that fuel costs for heating water are reduced by 22 to 50% with the current tankless water systems. In the traditional 40- to 60-gallon water tank, the water is heated all day, every day. With the tankless system, consumers find that the few seconds it takes for the water to heat is a nice reminder of the energy they have saved. Because of the efficiency, you may also qualify for tax rebates.

Endless Hot Water

Have you ever been the last to take a shower in the morning and found the hot water is all gone? Not anymore! After installing one of the efficient tankless water heaters Pleasanton CA, the hot water just keeps coming.

Lasts Longer

Rather than being replaced every 7-10 years like a water tank, the average instant hot water system lasts 20 years — that is up to three times longer.

No Leaky Tanks

Coming home to a flooded basement is one sure way to ruin a vacation. Those 50-gallon water tanks can start leaking without warning and there is so much damage that can occur. This reason alone is enough to consider never having a water tank again.

By saving space, reducing energy use, never running out of hot water and not leaking, the new tankless water heating systems are worth considering.