What are the usage of Palapa Umbrella Covers?

There are about 4 types of umbrella covers such as Mexican, African, Tahitian and artificial. Every type of Palapa umbrella covers manufactured according to the style and demand of the regional climate. But here we explain the Tahitian umbrellas in detail. From the introduction to the suitable climate of Tahitian Palapa umbrellas.

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The Tahitian Palapa or roof covering is also known as Fiji or the grass of an elephant. For the umbrella roofs the Tahitian material is great. The Palapa umbrella thatch offers the thatch tops or panels of your choice.

The Tahitian thatch made from a hearty palm coco tree leaves and are highly recommended to install in very tough climate conditions. Their average life span consists of at least 11 to 16 years at dry and open air place. They are very easy to install and turn the place immediately into an island like destination.


For the coverage of larger pre-existed roofs and structures, these Tahitian panels can perform amazingly and can create a natural appearance of thatched roofs. The installation of a Tahitian umbrella top is very easy as it can be staple by the staple gun. They can be use on steel frames as well as on the wooden frames and are highly water retardants. They can stand sturdy against the high loads of wind. If you use the thatch sealer with the Tahitian thatch panels on our recommendations it will be useable in a humid or moist climate places as well. The use of sealer can increase the life of Tahitian roofs or elephant grass about 2 years more than its actual life.

Furthermore, we also have the other types of Palapa umbrella covers like Mexican, African etc. The Mexican umbrellas are quite similar to the Tahitian but varies in their life span.


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