3 Outside Home Projects for Almost Any Time of Year

Owning a home comes with a number of responsibilities, including outdoor maintenance tasks. While many people think of completing outdoor projects in the spring and summer, these three can — and should — be done throughout the year.

1. Clear Out Overgrown Landscaping

From spring mulching and summer watering to late fall pruning and winter transplanting, landscaping trees and shrubs need care all year long. Proper care will help them grow strong and remain healthy while minimizing pests and disease. Keeping them trimmed neatly encourages new growth and minimizes breakage. If you have larger trees that have been dropping limbs, there is likely an underlying problem. An arborist Cincinnati can offer a diagnosis and potential solution.

2. Repair the Driveway

While most driveways can function for years without any care at all, many will benefit from some regular care. Concrete, for example, will last for decades if installed properly. However, applying a high-quality sealer every few years will help it maintain an attractive appearance for that time. Many homeowners also choose to seal asphalt driveways to preserve their appearance and prevent staining. Gravel driveways and parking areas should be raked and topped off with fresh material when they become compacted.

3. Clean the Gutters

Gutters serve a vital function by channeling water away from a home’s foundation. Besides keeping the space free from mud and puddles, it also minimizes the potential for damage. However, the gutters cannot do their job if they are clogged with leaves and debris. Depending on where you live and how many trees are near your home, you may need to check the gutters several times per year. If you absolutely dread this task, there are also several types of gutter protection products that can help keep stuff out.

Maintaining your home’s exterior helps improve curb appeal and makes it a more attractive place to return to each day. Keeping landscaping trimmed and the gutters clear can also create a safer environment.