Which would you choose Roman shades or Roller blinds?

If you’re considering different window coverings, but don’t want curtains, roller blinds and Roman shades are two options that you might be interested in. Here’s what you need to weigh up with these two different window treatment styles.

Roller blinds

If you’re looking for a window covering that offers great practicality, roller blinds are pretty hard to beat. They come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can be easily adapted to fit any type or size of window.

Roller blinds are also easy to use and simple to keep clean, making them low maintenance and affordable. All they require is a quick wipe down, and there are no crevices or folds in them that will attract dust.

With the extensive array of roller blinds available, you can pretty much kit out any room in the home, no matter what the shape or size of window. In particular, for wet rooms like bathrooms or kitchens, waterproof roller blinds, offer great functionality and style.

Roman shades

If you’re looking for a covering for your Double Glazing Cheltenham window¬† that offers a little more drama and detail than a standard roller blind, Roman shades make the perfect choice. They are especially suited to small windows and make a good compromise if curtains aren’t feasible. The beauty of Roman shades is that you can also add trims to them, to create extra detail, establishing a really elegant effect.

You can also choose a wide range of styles with Roman shades, although you may find more options with roller blinds, particularly for customising windows. For a layered look that works really well, curtains over a Roman shade are very stylish and warming.

According to Real Homes when Roman shades are pulled up, they will still cover a portion of your window at the top, blocking out a little of the light. This means they may not be as suitable for spaces with low levels of light, such as north-facing rooms.

Although Roman shades provide similar levels of elegance and beauty as curtains, making them a focal point in a room, it is worth bearing in mind that they require more general maintenance compared to roller blinds. Dust and debris can easily get trapped between the layers of Roman shades, so they will need regular cleaning to ensure they look their very best at all times.