When is Your Tree Dead

Trees are great for the environment. They give us oxygen to breathe and provide shelter and homes for many animals. Trees need rest just like us and when winter comes around the corner this is the time when the tree will begin to conserve its energy for the later growing time during spring. The bare branches during winter can be deceiving, you may think that the tree is dead but here I will explain the traits that dead trees have. Also the traits of healthy trees that are conserving energy.

The first test is the visual test. The things to look for are fungi growing in the tree, if there are any wounds, and if there are large cracks in the bark. Trees that are healthy will still have small leaf buds during their rest period. The green buds are a great signal that the tree is healthy. Buds that appear shriveled or brownish suggests that the tree has dead branches. Checking serval branches and doing this test will give you an idea of the trees’ fate.

The second test is the twig test. If there are twigs or small branches in reach break one off. After the twig is broken use a fingernail or small knife to scratch a small spot on the twig. The layer under should be green and moist and this will be a sign that the tree is dormant ready to blossom in spring. When doing this make sure to check various parts of the tree because some parts may be struggling more than others. If the majority of the tree is brown and dry it might be time to consider hiring a professional tree removal because this is unsafe for the property. Using tree removal San Antonio is a great company and always does a superb job.

They always come prepared with the correct tools. Also very punctual and always professional. The crew will analyze the area and determine the best way to remove the tree. The tree removal in San Antonio tries their best to remove the trees during their dormant period which is in February and ending in mid March. With some trees there may need to special tools used for the removal and this will make the cost higher.

The third test will be the scratch test. If you have a big tree and can not reach the twigs or branches. Then scratching the trunk with a fingernail or knife will help you determine the overall health of the tree. If your tree sheds bark and doesn’t regenerate this is a sign that the tree could die soon. Also look for cracks in the trunk as this may be another sign that the tree is not in dormant but dying.

Tree care is very important to the overall health of the tree. Making sure the branches stretch out and that there are no foreign objects that could be causing fungus or other type of tree diseases. Some insects are a threat to a tree and also if the tree is still a baby heavy winds or animals can cause the tree to die.

Using anchors to anchor the tree to the ground is necessary if the tree is still a baby. Tree removal is very labor intensive but with the right equipment it can easily be done. Tree removal in San Antonio is a great service that always has great employees that extract the tree in the most safe and effective manner.