Upgrade Your Front Porch With These 4 Features

The front porch is more than someplace you have to pass to enter your home. It is a special place where families can gather to spend time and have a chance to catch up with each other and the neighbors. When thoughtfully planned, a front porch can also add tremendous character to a home. If your front entry has been overlooked for a little too long, try adding one or two of these great features to make it a truly stand out part of your home.

1. Rocking Chairs

Not many things say front porch better than a couple of comfortable rocking chairs. Look for attractive and durable pieces that will withstand the outdoors without wearing too quickly. The Charming Bench Company offers an excellent selection of chairs and swings to dress up your outdoor space.

2. Privacy Drapes

If the idea of sitting on the porch is dampened by the realization that you won’t have much privacy, then hanging a set of drapes may be just what you need. They not only help keep nosy neighbors at bay, but they can also add an attractive splash of color to the house’s exterior.

3. Colorful Planters

Planters are another excellent addition to the front porch. If there is enough room, consider lining the steps with a few bright planters designed for outdoor use. Just be sure that the railings are accessible for anyone who may need to hold on.

4. Accent Lighting

A string of outdoor lights can create an inviting glow for evening get-togethers. It also adds an extra layer of security to your home by eliminating shadows around the doorway. If string lights aren’t your style, look for an attractive outdoor chandelier or ceiling fan to illuminate the space.

It doesn’t take much to transform a front porch from blah to aha! Adding a few key features like chairs, attractive lights and colorful plants can make it an inviting part of your home where the family will want to gather together.