Pests That Can Invade Your Home

It is not unusual for pests to invade homes, but no matter what type of creatures you find inside your house, they do not belong there. The problem with the tiny intruders is that each species needs a different plan of attack to deter them from living with you.  Here are three that love warm houses.

Table of Contents

1. Wasps

Flying insects such as hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps can become a nuisance when they decided to make their home in or near your house. The nests are often difficult to find, and when you do find one filled with the flying creatures, you must be very careful not to irritate the hive into an attack. An experienced pest management technician can remove the whole nest to ensure the queen is gone.

2. Rodents

Rodents live where humans reside because of the easy supply of food available. Since they often run in packs, even if you only see a single mouse in your home, you can easily assume there are many more. There are field, house, and roof mice that would love to invade your home, so at the first sign of the scurrying creatures, contact a rodent control Portland OR company and ask for elimination help.

3. Ants

It is often difficult to know if ants are trying to set up a nest inside your home or if they are just looking for food and water. No matter what reason the tiny creatures have for invading your house, you should declare war. Since ants leave pheromone trails wherever they find food, it is like a flashing neon light inviting other ants to the feast. Contact a pest elimination service that will work with you until the nest is gone.

You can fight a pest invasion on your own, but it will be a long battle. Why not call a trained pest control technician that has the knowledge and tools to safely remove the critters? That leaves you time to do what you love to do.