Perfect Security Solutions for you now

In summer, many people consider installing a security system in their homes to prevent theft or even squatters taking over during their absence. At forbel Chicago they want to help you in this process of Security Solutions so that you are right with the choice of the security company you hire.

5 Tips before and after hiring a security system for your home and / or business:

  1. Make sure you have a personalized study based on your security needs.

Forget about offering “kits” type systems, without having previously verified the real security needs of your home or business.

For this, a technician must have made a visit to your property, studied its “weak points”, have spoken with you to know your concerns and the scope of the desired system.

  1. Forget those who walk into your home or try to scare you.

It may be that a commercial makes a “cold door visit”, but they should only seek to make an appointment for later with a security technician.

If at that moment you want to enter your house, be suspicious.

If the salesperson uses the fear method, whether it’s talking about thefts in the area or showing images of thieves going through an outdated security system to make you feel vulnerable, also be suspicious.

Decisions about your safety should be pragmatic based on your needs, not fear.

  1. Be wary of commercials who speak ill of the competition.

Neither the use of fear nor the underestimation of the competition are a commercial argument for the installation of an alarm.

Commercials that use arguments such as: “the company has disappeared, it is bankrupt, the products they offer are discontinued, etc.” are not professionals.

A professional and committed company has enough arguments to differentiate itself from the rest and will value its differentiation through technical criteria, it does not need to discredit the competition.

  1. Don’t settle for the verbal commitments the salesperson makes to you.

The salesperson who attends you may convince you with a multitude of promises that then do not appear in the contract. Check and demand that these verbal commitments are reflected in the contract:

Specially discounted prices

“Extra” services added at no cost

There is no obligation to stay

Prices that will not change for X years (neither the increase in the CPI will be passed on)

  1. Demand a complete copy of the contract you have signed.

Even if you sign the same on an electronic device, claim this copy to have access to all the clauses of the contract.