A bathroom area’s relationship with space is a tricky one. On the one hand, it’s a place that should only fit one to two people. But it’s also a place whose primary purpose is for relaxation and rejuvenation. On the first option, it cannot be denied that practical and minimalist interior design of bathrooms allows for a cheap and viable model for homes. But then again, if it really is a place for relaxation, then we shouldn’t be blamed if we want to go all out in designing the most luxurious personal space possible, right?

Going all-out

If you’re ready to splurge and spend as much as you can in the different ways to pamper yourself, then be prepared to take notes.

For your vanity, try to install long worktops that connect to your sink and extend to the corners of the wall for the most use of your space. You can keep the areas from being too spacious by having different sectioned boxes or containers where you can keep your toiletries, first aid essentials, and hair and body products. Attach a few lengths of LED strips to your vanity, and you’ve got yourself a glamorous backlight fit for a sleek bathroom aesthetic.

Go the extra mile and have an entire wall sectioned off to be your wall mirror so that you can have a full-body view of yourself to check if you missed anything after taking a hard-earned bath.

Installing an elegant freestanding bath placed as the corner piece of your bathroom won’t just make a bold statement of your room’s aesthetic, but will also keep your room connected with its various areas.

Going for minimalistic

If you’re not too fond of using wide open spaces, or you’re forced to use just a few feet of space for your bathroom, then there are still options for you in terms of keeping it stylistic yet practical at the same time.

If you already have issues with your doorway, then you might want to solve it right away by having a corner sink installed; this allows you to maximise your space while preventing the occurrence of accidents involving hard corners when turning and manoeuvring in the room.

Keep your bathing space compact but effective in installing shower curtains to section it off from the rest of the room so that you won’t be making a wet mess every time you take a bath.

Since you might not have the luxury of having multiple cabinets in the room, make sure that you install them where it counts. Try installing them below your bathroom mirror or above your toilet so that there won’t be any unused spaces in the area.

Wall fixtures are your best friend as they’ll be holding many of your products, from soaps to shampoo to your body scrubs. Instead of installing hangers and shelves, you could also consider embedding your shelf areas into your walls so that you would have fewer protrusions in the room making it feel more spacious.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/modern-minimalist-bathroom-bath-3115450/