How to Turn Your Basement Into a Living Space on a Budget

Do you have a big open basement but the most use it gets is storing boxes and housing spiders? Do you want to use your basement for something more but feel overwhelmed about the amount of money it would take to make it livable? Luckily there are a lot of budget-friendly things you can do to make your basement comfortable and a place you want to hang out in.

Polish the Floors

One major question is what to do about with your grungy warn concrete floor. Instead of spending a lot of money to cover it in carpet or hardwood you can use the existing floor and polish it. Concrete polishing Manhattan NY gives your floor a beautiful look you will be proud to show off.  It will give the impression that you have a nice new floor and will help the room feel fresh.

Paint the Foundation

Adding drywall to your basement is time-consuming and maybe more of a project than you want to get into. But why do you have to add drywall? You can paint right onto the concrete foundation to help the space feel more like an actual room. Use a light color of paint to help a dark dungy basement turn into an open airy room. 

Don’t Worry About the Ceiling

Open ceilings are all the trend these days. So instead of spending the money to cover it up embrace the trend. You can paint the joists to help them from standing out too much and feeling messy. Plus you will be happy to have everything still exposed if you need to fix any plumbing or get to wiring in the future.

Warm It Up

Materials like concrete can sometimes feel cold and harsh. To give your basement the feeling of a place you want to be, add some soft finishing touches. You can have a bean bag or couch and cover them in fun pillows. Finish it off with a rug with bold print and colors. Use these soft furnishings to bring in your personality and creativity. Have blankets nearby so when you go to enjoy your space you can cuddle up and feel warm.

Basements are oftentimes underused, but they have great potential to be a perfect gathering spot for you and your family. It doesn’t take a lot of money to create a place you will be excited to hang out in.