How To Keep Cool During a Summer Staycation

This summer is going to be different than any other you’ve ever experienced. Although businesses are slowly opening back up, it must be done carefully and many people still prefer to stay home. If you’re planning a summer staycation this year, here are four different ways you can stay cool and beat the heat.

Make Every Day a Picnic

Since many beaches and recreational spots remain closed, it’s going to be up to you to make your own fun. Instead of heating up the house to cook, make every day a picnic and serve cool foods such as salads, fresh fruit and chilled lemonade. Summertime foods feel like a special occasion and they keep you refreshed.

Have the Air-Conditioning Checked

When the weather turns downright oppressive and it’s too hot to leave the house, you’ll need your air-conditioning working properly. Before another heat wave, have your reliable cooling service Burlington NC inspect your system to make sure it’s running at peak performance. Air-conditioners keep you comfortable and they also protect your furniture and carpeting from moisture and humidity.

Close the Shades

Another simple way to keep your house cool is close the curtains and shades during the day. Sunlight heats up your house making it sticky and causing your air-conditioner to go into overdrive. Likewise, on cool nights, open your windows and let the fresh air inside.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can also help keep a room cooler on a stuffy, hot night. Program the fan so it moves warm air up and away from you. Ceiling fans also help circulate the cool air from your air-conditioner and they come in all sizes from extra large to little ones for small rooms.

Beat the Heat

If you’re staying close to home this summer, at least you can beat the heat while you fantasize about what you’ll do next year. Take this opportunity to share quality time with your family and stay safe.