Home Improvements That Can Improve Your Health

Homeowners begin improvement projects for various reasons, from upgrading finishes to adding square footage. However, the best reason to improve your home may be to improve your health. Just about every room in the house can be changed with your physical, psychological and emotional well-being in mind. Here are a few ideas.

Living Room

People tend to spend upwards of 20% of their time at home in the main living spaces, so this room can set the tone for your day, every day. Pay attention to the color scheme: main wall paint should be neutral, but you can use different colors on the accent wall and accessories to calm or energize as you please. To create a restful environment, install enough shelving and storage to keep the living room tidy and clutter-free.


Use paint colors and tile that evoke a calm and luxurious spa feel. Focus on color schemes that appear in your favorite resorts or natural sites; for example, if the beach is your happy place, you may prefer shades of green and blue mixed with light neutrals. If you have the space and money to do so, install a steam room. One efficient way to create your own private spa is to invest in a Thermasol residential steam generator, where you can design a smart shower with steam and chromatherapy features.


A healthy diet is crucial to overall health, and it begins in the kitchen. Make meal preparation easy by keeping counters free of clutter. Get rid of unnecessary gadgets like the bread maker and countertop electric can opener. Keep a few quality workhorse appliances such as a food processor and multicooker (one that functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and sous vide). A coffee maker and perhaps toaster oven may stay on the counter, but put the rest in the pantry or install an extra cabinet. Decorate sparingly and keep magnets off the fridge. Set an attractive basket stocked with fresh fruit on the table to add color and encourage healthy snacking.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and enjoy refuge from the chaotic world. Moreover, a well-designed bedroom can help you get adequate amounts of quality sleep, which is essential to good health. Medical professionals recommend keeping the bedroom cool at night, so if you can’t turn the thermostat down throughout the house, install a heating and cooling system with zones. Most people get better sleep in dark, quiet environments; light-blocking shades or drapes can help with both. Keep all electronics away from the bedside, and bring in a diffuser to dispense soothing scents like lavender to help you relax.