Getting Your Back Deck Ready For Summer

When the weather’s warm and you’re ready to spend some extra time outdoors, you may find yourself needing to spruce things up a bit on your back deck or patio. The harsh weather conditions and lack of use during the winter months can leave your space looking dull and drab. However, you can have your deck summer ready in as little as one weekend with a few simple projects. 

Clean Things Up 

Take some time to pick up debris and cut back dead branches and plants in your back yard. Just be sure you’re pruning according to each individual plant’s needs in order to promote new growth instead of stunting it. It’s also a good idea to schedule a pool deck cleaning ponte vedra beach fl to remove mildew and grime from the wood, brick and concrete surfaces in your backyard. A good pressure washing and treatment can have things looking like new in a matter of hours. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Furniture 

Worn and faded patio chairs and tables can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable. Purchasing a new set can give your deck an entirely new look, as well as set the stage for some great summertime get-togethers. To make your outdoor furniture last longer, invest in some high-quality covers and be consistent in using them during inclement weather. You can also use spray-on sealants to protect from sun and water damage. 

Plant Something New 

A new potted plant or shrub can add life to your back deck by providing a pop of fresh color. Choose something low maintenance and make sure it’s made to thrive in your home’s hardiness zone. Citronella, geraniums and rosemary have also been known to act as excellent mosquito repellents. Select one of these to ward off pests while giving your patio a beautiful and welcoming new look. 

By giving your deck or patio just a little time and attention, you can have it ready for summer barbecue season in almost no time. Then, you’ll be ready to enjoy a more pleasant and relaxing outdoor atmosphere in your own backyard.