Fall in love with party tent

For professionals (events, industrial, itinerant merchants) or for individuals, the purchase of your own reception american tent can be very advantageous and economical. A designer and manufacturer of party tents, is there to guide you in your purchasing decision.

The advantages of buying your own party tent

You save money

If you regularly use party tents or have chosen a permanent structure, owning your structure will be much more profitable than long-term rental or piecemeal rental.

You are free

Last minute fairs and improvised parties are yours! With this purchase, you no longer need to book in advance. You have your tent, marquee or barnum as you see fit.

You save time

You no longer have to worry about the rental paperwork, or the constraints of delivery or installation. You avoid all the time-consuming tasks associated with renting a party tent.

The style of the tent

Several forms of tents are possible:

  • The arched tent: the point of the gable is rounded. This shape brings lightness and elegance to the structure, and gives it a certain cachet.
  • The bi-slope tent: the roof takes the shape of a classic house
  • The single-slope tent: this tent is very practical if you need to add its structure to an existing building. This can serve as an extension for the cocktail, for example.
  • The pagoda: this is a small square tent with a pointed roof. Three dimensions possible 3x3m, 4x4m or 5x5m.
  • The abripratic: a fold-out tent for smaller events since there are 2 sizes: 3x3m or 3×4.5m.

How to choose the right type of modular structure?

Depending on your type of event

To set up an ephemeral sales area, the use of a closed marquee will be more appropriate, while for the organization of an evening in an exceptional setting the tent is ideal.