Dress Your park home Windows in these 13 Stylish Ways  

Letting natural light into a room is important, irrespective of what you use the space for. Using clever decoration tricks can turn a window, big or small, into a focal point. Some dressings naturally lend themselves better to specific types of window.  This can be done wherever you live including at a Park Homes Gloucester location.  Add your personal touch to your home which can be found at links including www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park. These have beautiful surroundings and a luxury style of living so why not treat yourself to a little dressing.

Dressing your window is much more than just making sure people can’t see in – it can make or break your whole design scheme, so it’s worth spending a little time getting it right.


1. Roman – simple, and super flexible, Roman blinds work with an individual panel, great for bay windows or conservatories.

2. Venetian – good in most rooms, although might let in too much light in bedrooms.


3. Sheer – does the same job as lace curtains of old. Voile or chiffon allow plenty of light in.

4. Tie-Top – lend a relaxed feel and they’re easy to change if you fancy something different.

5. Single – where space is short or you have lots of windows.

6. Panels – a fabric in a contrasting colour or pretty pattern on the lower third gives great stand-out.

7. Wave Heading Pleats – soft waves of your fabric give a pleasing finish and work well in a modern room, with the drop finishing flush with the floor.

8. Leading Edge – a show-stopping finish! The contrasting fabric with simple tie-backs pulls the whole room together.

Double Up

9. Two Poles – hang sheer and ‘regular’ curtains by fitting a second pole, to give you the beautiful curtains and privacy.

10. Blinds and Curtains – works similarly to the Two Pole idea.

Other Finishes

11. Shutters – right on trend and a really easy way to make a statement at your window.

12. Pelmet – a sophisticated finish to tie the whole room together.

13. Cafe curtain – perfect for a window onto the street to give both light and privacy, the pole goes across the middle of the window for a half and half effect.

Having beautiful windows to start with makes a big difference.
For more ideas on the best way to be dressing your windows, visit Better Homes & Gardens.

Before you start anything, make sure your windows are clean, inside and out!