Deciding Where to Live: Your Biggest Considerations and Factors

Determining where to live is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life!

Whether you are just making a temporary transition or settling down long-term, a huge part of your happiness is dependent on the location you choose.

When it comes to deciding where to live, make sure you are giving yourself enough time to weigh all of the factors.

Are you interested in learning about the different factors and considerations to take into account prior to your move? Then read on!

Cost of Living

When it comes to choosing where to live, the cost of living is typically the biggest consideration to take into account.

The cost of living encapsulates a few different areas. Here are a few things to take into account when determining the cost of living in a particular area:

  • Cost of your rent/ mortgage. To find the best value for your home, make sure to check out exclusive listings in your area.
  • Cost of taxes in the state/neighborhood
  • Cost of items such as food, gas, and utilities
  • If you have kids, make sure to look into the cost of schooling and extracurricular activities near you

Add up all of these costs to determine the estimated cost of living in the neighborhood you are seeking to move to.

Checking out online forums is one great way to read about people’s real-life experiences within your potential area and help you uncover any hidden costs you did not anticipate!

The Local Weather and Climate

When taking the leap to move somewhere new, make sure you are accounting for the local weather and climate!

The cost of living may be great, the education could be stellar, and you could love your job— but you may still be unhappy with your new home if you dislike the local weather and climate.

If you are moving with a family, make sure to check in with your partner and children about their desires for the climate. While it may not be realistic to move to a tropical location at this point in time, there are plenty of areas that have an agreeable climate that is also affordable!

Future Employment Opportunities

One of the top reasons that people choose to move is either because of a job transfer or the opportunity to find a new job.

When narrowing down a place you want to move to, make sure to check out the potential job growth in that area for the field you are in. If you have children, this is also an opportunity to see if the job market is growing as they finish up their schooling and enter the workforce.

Big cities tend to have a lot of job growth, so you may want to consider moving into the metropolis! However, if living in the city isn’t your thing, you can also find a home in the outlying suburbs to save money and commute to work.

Here are a few cities with outstanding job growth projection:

  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago

And more!

The Education Near You

If you have a family, looking into the quality of education in your potential neighborhood is a must.

This goes all the way from pre-school, to looking at the local community, state, or private colleges in your town’s radius. Having quality education helps both individuals and society in too many ways to count, but here are just a few benefits:

  • It helps people to become better citizens
  • It helps individuals land higher-paying jobs
  • It demonstrates the importance of hard work
  • Helps individuals become self-aware, grow, and develop

Even if you do not have children, finding a community that invests in their education is going to be an indicator of the values your community holds.

Daily Transportation and Convenience

Whether you are moving to the suburbs or a more urban area, make sure you look into the local transportation systems!

Write down your transportation needs ahead of time and try to plan out what a typical day might look like for you and your family. This list could include:

  • Getting to and from work
  • Heading into the downtown for a night out
  • Taking your children to school and activities
  • Getting to the airport
  • Visiting family

This will help you see if you need a car or are able to take public transportation on a daily basis. Depending on your preference, this can help you narrow down a place to live.

The Attitude of the Neighborhood

A factor that is often overlooked when finding a new place to live is the attitude of the neighborhood!

Looking into how culturally diverse a new community is, checking to see the values of the community, and getting a read on how friendly people are is going to be a huge factor when determining your quality of life.

Every time you leave your home, you will be interacting with people at your work, restaurants, transportation, and shopping. The overall attitude of your neighborhood could mean the difference between a positive experience and a negative one!

Finding opportunities ahead of time to engage with your community through either volunteer work or clubs can also help you bond with your neighbors and take pride in your community.

Deciding Where to Live

Now you know all of the biggest factors and considerations to take into account when deciding where to live!

No one understands your circumstance better than you do. So when choosing where to live, make sure to evaluate your unique set of factors and make the choice that is best for you and your family.

Looking for a home and selecting a neighborhood is a magical time where you have space and freedom to imagine all of the possibilities, so don’t forget to enjoy!

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