5 Best Escape Rooms in Chicago

All the globetrotters are familiar with the charismatic aura of Chicago. It is the third-largest city in the United States. It is one of the most prominent tourist locations that has received extensive appreciation over the years. It offers innumerable destinations to rejuvenate with your loved ones and spend the times of your life. From historical museums to amusement centers, Chicago is home to a lot of fascinating landmarks. This famous vacation spot recorded more than 55 million tourists in the year 2017 alone!

This world-class tourist destination is lauded for its immersive architecture, first-rated Chefs, and top-notch museums. Furthermore, all the adventure-lovers are driven to this city’s mesmerizing gaming platforms in the United States.

Do you want to know why? Allow us to explain. Chicago has more than 200 real-life gaming platforms that engage all the players’ senses and deliver them a tremendous experience. Yes, we are talking about escape room games! These gaming platforms have won the hearts of millions of people. Chicago is home to countless escape rooms that cater to everyone’s fantasies. In these mini-dungeons stacked up with puzzles and enigmas, it is assured that you will have an enchanting time. To top it all off, escape room games are incredibly budget-friendly. Therefore, anyone can enjoy their thrilling gaming platforms.

After analyzing more than 30000 reviews available on the internet, we have formulated a list of the best escape rooms in Chicago. These escape room games are an All-in-One package suitable for all age gatherings and joyous occasions. So, if you are looking for a heart-throbbing experience to replenish yourself and have an extravagant time, take a look at the list below.

1. Fox in a Box Escape Room Center 

Website: https://www.foxinaboxchicago.com/

If you are on a hunt to find the best escape room for having some private yet adventurous times with your group, Fox in a box should be your go-to destination. This escape room center has a special policy of never merging any different team members. Thus, it will be you, along with your best buddies, and a mission to accomplish! These escape room centers offer four distinctively crafted and themed escape rooms that are also family-friendly. The out-of-the-box concept of their escape rooms has been ranked as the best #1 and #2 escape room centers in Chicago and the world, respectively.

Price: $120 for a group of 3 members and $40 for every additional player.

Players: 3 to 6 players.

2. PanIQ Escape Room Center 

Website: https://paniqescaperoom.com/chicago/en

You must have heard of the famous PanIQ escape rooms franchise. Their escape rooms are spread worldwide and are undeniably loved by the players for their exhilarating gaming platform. This escape room center brings to the table 3 distinctively themed escape room games that will leave you baffled for a very long time!

Players unconditionally admire the infection themed escape room as it challenges all their psychological abilities. All the escape games are quite family-friendly, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids anymore! Moreover, they are commendably budget-oriented. Therefore, you can’t say NO to this bemusing adventure, right? If you plan to go for an unforgettable escape room themed celebration, don’t worry because their events section has got you all covered up.

Price: $28 – $30 per person.

Players: 4 to 8 players.

3. Escape Artistry Escape Room Center 


This escape room center will puzzle up all your psychological abilities with their bewildering escape room games. The central ideology behind the storyline in their distinctively themed escape rooms is the various eras of history. The owners have amalgamated all the critical features like special effects, eye-catchy interior, and a spellbinding backstory impeccably. Their escape games will wickedly engage all your thinking abilities, and time will slip away from under your nose! So, make sure to be extra aware. Try to comprehend all the riddles with your fam jam before you are stuck in the mysteries of time in Escape Artistry forever.

Price: $99 for a three people group

Players: 8 to 10 players.

4. The Escape Game Chicago

Website: https://theescapegame.com/chicago/

This escape room game is famous for offering a holistic gaming adventure to players from every age group. They have four uniquely crafted escape rooms and trust us when we say these are some out of the world adventures. They have astonishingly paid extra attention to every detail. Therefore, each escape room theme has turned out to be a huge success. You will chuckle and giggle your way out of their twisted enigma and will, for sure, remember this treasurable memory for your lifetime. They provide special offers for special events like team-building, birthday parties, family gatherings, and so forth.

Price: from $35.99 per person

Players: 2 to 9 players

5. Room Escape Adventures Chicago 

Website: https://roomescapeadventures.com/

Room Escape adventure is one of the most famous escape rooms in Chicago, known for its unrivaled twist of thrill and adventure. They offer two themed escape rooms.

But the Trapped with A Zombie is an extraordinarily heart palpitating experience.

They intelligently introduced a spine-chilling idea of a life Zombie in their escape rooms! You will be confined in a locked room with a Zombie on the loose. Will you be able to unravel all the mysteries and save your brain from becoming the feast of these horrific zombies? Or the fortune has something else planned for you? Find out today in Room Escape Adventures Chicago.

Price: from $28 per person

Players: 2 to 6 players.


There is no denying the fact that the tourists love Chicago for its leading-edge locations. These destinations are always considered the top cities for people to visit at least once in their lifetime! Whether you are a tourist visiting Chicago to admire its unfathomable beauty or you are just a local visitor, escape room games are a perfect option for you. These escape room games work on an out-of-the-box ideology that involves finding individuals in an enclosed room.

Additionally, to enhance the challenges, a time limit is mandatory in all the escape games. In the article mentioned above, we have covered the top 5 escape room games that should be on your list if you are visiting Chicago. Their adventurous spirits will extraordinarily submerge your senses. So, what are you pondering upon? Bring all your friends and family to grab the tickets today!