4 Things You Can Do To Deep Clean Your Home

For some people, deep cleaning conjures up strong feelings of dislike and dread. Fortunately, most deep cleaning tasks only need to be completed once or twice a year. Below are four things you can do to really deep clean your home.

1. Windows

Your windows take a beating from the elements of weather. Attempting to clean your windows on your own often results in major streaks and missed spots. To make sure your windows look crystal clear, opt for a professional cleaning. A window cleaning company Newbury OH is available to handle all your windows, including skylights and basement windows.

2. Fridge

Many people often overlook the need to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of their fridge. Once or twice a year, remove all the bins and shelves and wash them with soapy water. Additionally, wipe down the interior with a soapy rag or antibacterial wipe. Don’t forget to wash the exterior of the fridge, including the back side and vents.

3. Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets accumulate a layer of dirt and grime over time. The combination of grease and dust can wreak havoc and create a nasty film. To help prevent this, be sure to run the exhaust hood when you cook. You can find cabinet cleaners at a local home improvement store. You can also try a DIY cleaner of half vinegar and half warm water. Use a spray bottle and let the mixture soak on the cabinets for a minute before wiping them down.

4. Shower Curtain

Did you know that you can toss your vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine? This is a great way to get rid of nasty mildew buildup. Be sure to choose the gentle cycle and throw some bath towels in with the curtain. Hang the curtain to air dry.

Deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to be dreadful. Choose a deep cleaning task once a week, and your home will feel a lot cleaner in no time.