3 Signs of a Broken Furnace

One of the most obvious signs that a furnace is broken is when it stops working entirely. This can surprise many homeowners who were not aware of any problem with the system. While sometimes there are no obvious indications that an appliance is going to break down, there are some things to watch for and fix.

1. Noises

Some furnaces are louder than others, and many make noise while they are running. However, any new sounds coming from the furnace warrant prompt attention. A buzzing sound or rattling noise that comes on suddenly should be addressed by a professional. If the problem is not fixable, then talk to someone about Canton OH gas furnace replacement.

2. Higher Energy Bills

A broken furnace will often struggle to heat a house efficiently. This can cause higher bills, as the system runs for longer periods of time. It can also result in an unevenly heated house. Some areas may be heated poorly or even not at all. Bills can be especially high the thermostat is in a cold room. Any noticeable increases in energy bills should be examined carefully. If the weather has been unusually cold, that could account for the rise in cost. However, if the temperature is normal, then a high bill could indicate a furnace problem.

3. Exterior Wear

Unfortunately, furnaces do not last forever. Most models last about 15 years, and near the end of their lifetime they can show signs of wear. Cracks and rust may begin to appear and spread throughout the heater, causing parts to break. Contact a professional to have an evaluation completed to see if anything can be fixed before it becomes worse.

Most furnaces are in a spot of the house that is not frequented often. Make it a point to examine the furnace several times a year to look for issues. To make it easier to remember, this can be done at the same time as the filter is changed.