3 Car Care Tips

Keeping a car looking great does not have to be difficult. Store it out of the elements when not in use, keep it clean and fix small issues before they become problems.

1. Storage

Ideally, a car should be kept in a garage or other area that is out of the sun and sheltered from things that could damage it. The exterior will be nicer for longer if properly protected. A car stored in a garage may be safer from thieves and vandals who prefer easier access. Many garage doors come with openers that are operated by a remote that can be stored in the vehicle. If the door is broken and needs to be replaced before securely storing a car, then check out a new garage door Clovis CA.

2. Cleaning

A dirty car is more prone to damaged paint jobs than a clean one. Dirt can cover up dings and scratches from view so that they are not noticed and repaired before they become worse. Cars should be cleaned regularly using cleaners that are designed for use on vehicles. Bird droppings are corrosive and eat away at the finish if not washed off promptly. Try to have the car waxed at least twice a year to protect the paint against insects, bird droppings and grime.

3. Inspection

Check the exterior of the vehicle regularly to find any problems. Chipped paint, rust and leaking fluids will all be cheaper and easier to take care of if caught early. Make sure that the tire tread is still good and there are no nails or foreign objects in the tires. Ask someone to watch from the outside as lights are tested to make sure everything is working.

A car that looks and runs beautifully is a joy to drive. Be mindful when caring for a vehicle, as a properly maintained car can be used and enjoyed for years.