Silicon is in Everything From Your Roof to Your Phone

Silicon is one of the most versatile materials in engineering and architecture; it can even be found in your new commercial roof St Louis as a potential coat to protect your roof from leaks and weather damage. Besides literally providing support for the roof over your head, here are some other uses for silicon that hit closer to home than you might think.

It’s in Your Cell Phone

Silicon is vital to almost all of the electronics in your house, especially your smartphone. It has conductive properties and temperature resistance that make it ideal for designing the internal structure of various machines. For example, silicon makes up the circuit boards and semiconductors that power your mobile device and connect you to the vast resources of the internet.

Common in Construction

Granite and most other rocks are complex forms of silicon and can be broken down and used in various engineering endeavors. Silicon is present in cement and concrete, which are essential in jobs like constructing buildings, streets and sidewalks. Given its heat resistance, silicon can withstand the demands of creating a variety of other products related to construction.

Solar Panels

Because of its semi-conductivity and abundance, silicon wafers are used in the making of solar panels. Environmental engineering has taken advantage of silicon’s adaptability to make solar technology more commonplace in your own neighborhood. Advances in science mean that this technology can be installed on the roofs of millions of homes in America.

Silicon’s characteristics and ease of access have made it one of the most vital substances in science. It can be made into something as small as a circuit in your phone or installed on your roof as a protective coat or solar panel. Its versatility literally helps create the buildings you walk into and you walk on.