Rooftop garden design ideas you’ll love

Having a rooftop garden is one of the best things in life. Gardens are amazing. They bring a certain dose of luxury and relaxation. And it is even better when they are on a rooftop. If you want to create your perfect rooftop garden, we prepared some rooftop garden design ideas for you. We tried to think about everyone and you’ll find here both modern and more traditional designs. So, if you still don’t have a fixed idea, here are some to consider.

Grass everywhere

One of the things that makes a garden a garden is grass. The grass is a very important part of every garden whether it is on the ground or on a rooftop. It is more natural to have grass on your rooftop garden. It will make it look much better. Most people just leave the concrete floors and add some flowers and plants and call it a day but we think that if you really want to create a garden-like feeling on your rooftop, you are definitely going to need some grass. And it would be a very modern solution to cover your whole rooftop with it. It is also going to make your rooftop garden look so much better and more natural.

Spending the evenings and the days will be much more pleasant. And if you live somewhere where it gets very hot, the grass will prevent the heat from getting through into your home. But if you live somewhere where there is also a lot of rain and snow, like New York, you might want to skip this design idea. When the grass gets wet a lot, there is a huge risk of mold appearing inside of your home. This is definitely something you don’t want to deal with. If this happens, it would be much cheaper to just move to a different home with Brooklyn Movers New York than to try and fix this issue and still keep the grass.

Wooden floors

If you decided not to have grass on your rooftop, you might want to consider putting wooden floors. Wooden floors can make a huge difference in the look of your rooftop garden. They will also make it look more cozy and natural, just like the grass. And this is even easier to maintain and there aren’t any risks of putting them. The only disadvantage would be the fact that this is going to be a huge expense. But we think that the end result will be worth it. This is a very modern solution. You can match your benches and tables with the floors and it is going to make it all look even better.

Brick floors

Having concrete floors is very boring. You can spice it up by putting brick floors. Using bright red bricks is going to make an amazing contrast to the greenery of the plants you are going to have in your garden. A brick floor won’t cost you much but it is going to make your rooftop garden look amazing. This is definitely one of our favorite rooftop garden design ideas.


Having a fountain is an amazing way to spice up the look of your rooftop garden. Fountains are always fun to look at and people love them. You can choose from hundreds of designs, both classics, and modern ones. It depends on how you want your garden to look like. But we think that simple designs are always the best when it comes to fountains. Nothing too big yet not too small. Less is always more and more can sometimes be a little too much. At least that is the case when it comes to fountains.


Believe it or not, jacuzzis aren’t as expensive as you think they are. You can find amazing jacuzzis for a few thousand dollars. And if you really want to have one, we can assure you that it won’t be an investment you regret making. Relaxing in a hot jacuzzi after a long day at work or a very stressful week can be therapeutic. There are also plenty of different designs of jacuzzis. We suggest getting those in-ground ones if possible. They are a bit more expensive because of their set up but they truly make a rooftop garden look more luxurious.

Concrete planters

One thing’s for certain, concrete planters are very modern nowadays. Keeping your plants in concrete planters is an amazing idea. That is if you have plants that don’t have large roots and that don’t grow too much. If your plants have large roots and grow tall, this would not be such a good idea. It could be harmful for your plant and you don’t want that to happen. But keeping plants in concrete planters surely makes a rooftop garden look amazing. Think of your rooftop garden as an indoor one and use some of these ideas for indoor garden planters.


The lighting on your rooftop garden can really change its appearance. If you opt for dim lighting, your rooftop garden will be perfect for summer night cookouts. Having direct and strong lighting is not a good idea because strong light attracts bugs. And the last thing you want to do is attract bugs. This is going to make spending time on your rooftop garden impossible.

Fairy lights are a great solution. They give off enough light yet they aren’t strong so they don’t attract bugs. They also look both very modern and old school. You can purchase them almost anywhere and they are really affordable. This means that even if they stop working, you can easily replace them with new, different ones. This is going to keep your rooftop garden always looking new. There are many different types of lighting to choose from for your rooftop garden.