House Painting Preparation and Tips

Painting the walls of the house requires a lot of attention and, in some cases, it is better to have the help of a professional. Read on to learn more about how to paint your house correctly and save on the final cost of your project. You will see all the work involved in doing it yourself and this could prompt you to hire a professional house painter to help you.

The Right Season

First of all, when you want to paint the walls of the house, you have to decide which season to begin the work. Usually, spring or summer months are preferred, because the air is hot and therefore the paint dries faster. Furthermore, you must always air out the rooms to make the strong smell of paint go away and, for this reason, it is preferable to avoid the colder months.

A Few Recommendations

It is recommended to paint the walls every 5 years. However, a lot depends on how you use the rooms; particularly the kitchen or the children’s room, for example, which tend to get dirty faster than the others. Whether you decide to do the project yourself or hire a house painter, it is important to know how to proceed in the right way.

The Condition of the Wall

First, you need to check the condition of the wall. If there are water infiltrations or molds, to ensure that the problems do not recur after a few months, it will be necessary to intervene with small remediation. Also, check the condition of the old paint to see if it is necessary to proceed with scraping to make the surface smooth.

Preparing the Surface and Paint

Subsequently, the surface is washed with a special degreaser. You should then prepare the paint. Some paints should be diluted with water, according to their instructions. If you want to customize the color using a white base and tints, remember to prepare the necessary amount of paint at one time, to avoid getting a different shade of color.

In summary, here is briefly how to start painting in the right way.

  • check the condition of the walls;
  • clean the surface with a suitable product;
  • prepare the painting;
  • Calculate the right amount of paint.

What Is Involved?

If you paint the house yourself, you will need to carefully calculate the quality of paint needed to complete your project. In general, 6 to 9 square meters of walls can be painted with one liter of paint. However, the yield varies depending on the type of paint used. You will find all the necessary information on the technical datasheet present in the product.

It is also recommended to buy about 10% more products so as not to be run out of it. If you rely on a professional painter, they will take care of this and, usually, he will offer you an affordable price because he will have large quantities of material available at a lower cost.

Why Rely on a House Painter?

Painting the walls is the easiest do-it-yourself job. However, if you are not an expert and want to obtain long-lasting results, rely on professional house painters Portland who will have adequate knowledge to achieve a perfect painting in the shortest possible time. Plus, you won’t have to buy all the necessary tools like spatulas, brushes, scrapers, sandpaper, different types of brushes, and putty. A job the right way and by an expert in the field will last longer without any maintenance.