3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Remove Your Oil Tank

Houses in the northern part of the United States often have oil tanks. The containers are installed under or above ground and store fuel. Then, the oil is burned by appliances to keep the inside of a structure warm and cozy. This is a tried and true method for heating the home that many homeowners stand behind.

However, oil tank removal Westchester County NY is sometimes necessary. For example, if your unit has been underground for quite some time, deterioration can occur, leaving it with cracks or holes that leak. For that matter, the same issues can happen with an above-ground tank too. Leakage needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, or someone could get in trouble with the EPA. The following are several reasons why you should leave your removal up to the professionals.

Permits and Inspections

Most cities and counties require people to pull permits when removing oil tanks. If a worker starts a job without the document and gets caught, the powers that be could shut the job site down, bringing everything to a stand-still. Another reason to obtain a permit is so that an inspector can come out and look at the work.

If things are done correctly, the professional will sign off on the project, and the technicians are in the clear. However, if items don’t meet industry standards, workers will need to make corrections and get the job reinspected. So, contact a licensed organization that can get permits and inspections. Then, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your job is up to code.

Soil Contamination Sampling

When people get oil tanks removed, it is often because they leak. Even if the EPA doesn’t catch wind of the matter, you should still address the situation accordingly. That’s why you need to hire the right company and one that can collect soil samples. In doing so, the technicians will be able to tell if the soil is contaminated. If it is, they can then apply fixes to resolve the issue, and if not, they can backfill the hole with dirt.