The Easiest Way to Lower Your Heating and Air Costs

In some homes, the thermostat temperature can be a huge point of contention between family members. One person wants to set the air to a certain level and never check it again, while another person prefers to adjust the dial to the perfect comfort setting every day. Aside from the thermal war, though, is often an argument over how much it costs to run the heat and air; and though managing the HVAC usage will influence next month’s bill, maintenance should be the primary concern.  When the system is not taken care of regularly, it will not run efficiently and will quickly make the bill soar.

Changing the Filter

The easiest thing a person can do to maintain their heating and air system is to regularly change the filter.  If the filter is congested with dust, mold, and pet hair, it can obstruct the HVAC air filter housing. This chokes off the air needed to flow to the AC unit. Any air that gets through will be full of contaminants that can jam the moving parts of your air conditioner setting it up for a break-down that never happens at a good time.

When to Change

Not every home needs to change their filters as often as another. The amount of time a filter lasts depends on the type of filter, how many people live in the home, and how many pets are kept inside. It is recommended that the average family change the filter every 90 days, but if pets are in the mix, it would be better changed every 45-60 days.

Every person has their ideal way to keep the cost down when running the heat or air in their home. It doesn’t matter whether a person has had the same temperature since 1998 or if they adjust it every 20 minutes. As long as the filters are changed and the system maintained, everyone will have the level of comfort they need in their home.