How to Recognize Few Common Air Conditioner Problems

It sounds always discouraging whenever you face any kind of air conditioner problems right in the middle of any event or in the middle of the night. Well! Nobody likes to have an air conditioner fail all of a sudden, but a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle don’t even allow you bother to look at the condition of an AC unit. But this type of careless behaviour will land you even in more stringent situations or it could even force you to replace your unit, so, it’s better to get to know some of the most common problems of the AC machine that has been described by AC repair Sunrise in this article. Low Refrigerant

This is the most common issue that should be checked at regular intervals of time. This mainly happens because of low charging during installation or because of the unseen leaks that usually occurs in the system. If ever you find that the air conditioner leaks, then don’t add refrigerant from outside as this will not solve the problem, only the call to an expert of AC repair Sunrise can fix the leaks and recharge the unit correctly. Foul Smell Any kind of bad smell that is repulsive can be an alarming signal that points towards any kind of major air conditioning problem. You know why this is happening? Well! It happens because of the accumulation of moisture that leads towards the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria as the water doesn’t get evaporated quickly. So whenever you sense a bad smell, make sure that you immediately arrange a maintenance servicing for your system. Frozen Coils Whenever the ice gets built up in an AC module, it causes the coils to freeze and when the coils get freezes up, it prevents the circulation of Freon and air within the unit thereby blocks the operation of the system. Also, do check the condensation drain as this can also be clogged which will degrade the performance of the whole module and can make the internal components to get damaged.

Electrical Problems Do check upon the turning ON and OFF of the AC module as if it gets done frequently then it could lead to the several electrical controls including compressor to become overheated and wear out. So make sure that whenever you call the technician, he checks all the electrical modules separately. So these were just a few of the most frequent causes that can alter the functioning of the air conditioning module.