Different Seers and Different Options

In this guide there is a comparison of 14 SEER versus 16 SEER air conditioners and discover which one is better as far as energy productivity. Air conditioning is a significant piece of having the option to remain agreeable in your home. Contingent upon where you live, you may end up making use of your air conditioner for an enormous segment of the year. If you can’t stand the sweltering weather, at that point you need great air conditioning to guarantee that you can stay in a reasonable situation. You don’t need your energy bills to soar because of your utilization of the air conditioning, however.

When you are investigating introducing an energy-productive air conditioning unit, you will see that there are a few choices. Getting a good deal on your energy bills toward the month’s end is likely going to be your ultimate objective. So as to accomplish this, you should give your best to pick a shot an AC unit that is the most energy effective. For some people, this decision is going to come down to 14 SEER vs 16 SEER.

Figuring out which of these sorts of air conditioners is going to give you the most ideal savings will include examining the circumstance altogether. You have to look things over and decide the measure of savings that you will see on a yearly premise. You will likewise likely need to factor in the general expense of the air conditioning unit, being that 16 SEER choices are commonly progressively costly.

14 SEER Vs 16 SEER

Computing the Yearly Air Conditioner Energy Consumption

So as to push ahead with the calculations, you should most likely decide the estimated yearly energy consumption of the air conditioners. As a matter of fact, it will be near impossible to get a 100%-precise estimate of what the real costs will be. There are an excessive number of elements to consider and you don’t know information, for example, how frequently you will be running the air conditioner. That being stated, it is as yet possible to give yourself a decent comparison between the two diverse air conditioners that you are investigating. You simply need to estimate the quantity of hours that you will make use of the air conditioning and after that utilization a similar number for the two units.

There is a basic condition that you can use to estimate the expenses of running an air conditioner for a specific number of hours. You take the span of the air conditioning unit and duplicate it by 12,000, which is the quantity of BTUs. 12,000 BTUs will be fit for giving one ton of cooling to your home. This is all going to be increased by the average number of hours that a great many people will in general make use of their air conditioners, which is set at 2100 for the reasons for this condition. The condition is really going to be basic so don’t stress excessively If you are not a math marvel.

Note that these numbers are adjusted to the closest thousand and that they speak to the all out watt-hours that you can anticipate. You can see that the 16 SEER unit has significantly less watt-hours when contrasted with the 14 SEER model. This implies the 16 SEER model will make use of less energy when it is working for a similar measure of time. It gives you a decent sign that it will spare you a touch of money over the long haul even without experiencing the following a few bits of information.