4 Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill

If your energy bill is forever creeping skyward, there’s a good chance your house isn’t sealed as well as it should be. Along with being extremely expensive, it’s also uncomfortable especially if you have small children. To keep the chill away and save money, here are four great ways to lower your heating bill.

1. Schedule an Energy Audit

When you have a cold home, it doesn’t pay to waste time guessing where your home is leaking. Your very first step should be to schedule a home audit. An energy specialist will check your heating system and use an infrared camera or blower door to determine exactly where the air is coming in.

2. Install Insulation

If you live in a home that’s not insulated, there’s no mistaking when cold weather hits. Not only do uninsulated houses feel uncomfortable, but the heat literally goes right out through the walls, costing you a fortune. Your best bet is to find Pittsburgh insulation companies that do spray and fiberglass insulation.

3. Replace or Repair Windows

One of the most common areas where cold air seeps in is around windows. While window replacement may be your best option, it might not be in your budget. Start by replacing just one or two and sealing the others with weatherstripping or shrinkable plastic covering.

4. Check Your Doors

Doors are also notorious for letting frigid air in, so you may want to check for gaps before cold weather sets in. Other simple solutions include using a draft stopper or attaching a permanent door sweep. If the door is damaged, replace it with one made of insulated fiberglass or solid wood.

If high heating bills have got you down, it’s time to get proactive. By installing insulation and replacing windows and doors, you’ll save hundreds and be a lot more comfortable.