2 Types of HVAC Units for Different Cooling Demands

The type of temperature control you install in your business or home should depend on the energy costs, usage rate and square footage you need cooled or heated. Not all HVAC units are the same, even though they perform essentially the same function. Choosing the wrong system for your situation can lead to increased energy costs and inefficient temperature control.

This article will detail two different HVAC units that you can use for your home or enterprise. Keep reading to help make your decision if you are considering a new HVAC.

1. Packaged Heating and Air for Small Spaces

Packaged heating and air units are made specifically for small spaces. They come in one single unit that sits inside the building. They are helpful for housing or businesses that cannot install an outdoor unit. A packaged HVAC unit is the only option in many older homes because it is too costly to make the renovations necessary for a split system. Packaged systems are also very efficient but generally cannot heat as well as other units. For this reason, they are commonly used in warmer regions that do not need as much heat.

2. Hybrid Split Units for Versatility

Split heating and air are the most common temperature control systems. Most industrial HVAC systems Lakeville PA are split. Now, you have the option to split heating and air and the type of energy the system uses. The benefit of a hybrid system is that you can switch between electricity and gas depending on your needs. Electricity tends to be more efficient but less effective, while gas is more expensive but quicker to cool and heat. Having the ability to switch between both can potentially decrease your energy bill.

Choosing an HVAC system that is right for your warehouse, home, or office space depends on the realities of your climate and the size you need temperature controlled. Consult a professional before making a decision.