Tips for Seasonal Lake and Pond Care

Few things are more relaxing than easing back in an outdoor chair and enjoying the beauty of nature. For those with access to a lake or pond, the soothing atmosphere can be a meditative experience. Maintaining that environment can take a lot of work. No one wants to spend all day cleaning the pond but, with regular upkeep, a homeowner can sit back, take it easy, and enjoy the natural ambiance. Here are a few tips that will keep a lake or pond looking its best through each season. 


Now is the time to clean up after a long winter. Make sure to clean any large debris that has fallen in and trim back any weeds that may have encroached. Winter can leave your pond with low oxygen levels so schedule a pond or lake aeration during the spring. 


This season is mostly light maintenance. Keep up with any water plants and occasionally check the pH balance of the water to keep any fish healthy. If algae bloom over the summer, be sure to choose any chemicals deterrents carefully and have your pond aerated again while you are treating it. 


Fall is the time when leaves are not only raked from yards but need to be removed from a pond as well. Those colorful leaves will look lovely sitting on the water until they begin to accumulate and clog up any pumps and lower the oxygen level of the water. 


If a lake or pond is in an area that experiences cold winters, it may freeze over. The fish will go into hibernation for the season. Any organic material that remains will break down throughout the winter and can feed algae production and harm fish. Keeping the water moving in some areas will help bring oxygen into the water and stem harmful blooms. 

Taking care of these small ecosystems is a year-long job. Try these quick tips each season to make sure your waterway stays clean and beautiful all year.