Increase the age of wood flower-store them properly

Its human nature to preserve things as much as they could. Whenever they invest somewhere, they want to take out the benefits maximally. The same is the case of flowers. People admire them because they tend to increase beauty around them and play a significant role in expressing their insights. But, on the same side natural flowers do not last long. No matter if you soak them in water or do what so ever, once they are plucked off from the source, they last only for three to four days. That is how nature has made them. On the other hand, sola wood flowers that are made by man sourced from nature that is the tapioca wood being taken from a tree bark while getting the gummy mass. Now maybe you will be wondering how long does sola wood flower lasts, you need not worry at all. We will brief you about various methods and techniques to have these sola wood flowers last for years. When you have finally planned to make sola wood flowers or buy them from somewhere, you should learn about how to store sola wood flowers. Looking at the delicacy many people assume that it would be way too difficult to preserve and it will need you to do so many toils and moils, but trust us this is not the case.

Easy ways to increase the life of your sola wood flowers

Sola wood flowers are hand made and we know, you might be wondering that they cant last longer because of the fact and may get damaged quite easily. Apart from everything, here we are going to tell you how to store sola wood flowers and make them live longer. Have a look:

Avoid extreme temperature

Since you know how to make sola wood flowers, you will surely understand how delicate they are and need your attention. Stay concerned about the environment you expose your wood flowers to. Be sure, not to expose them to very hot or very cold temperatures. Otherwise, they will get damaged simply and you will end up getting lost.

Keep away from water

Since, you are well aware that where do sola wood flowers come from so, you should keep in mind the properties of wood. like any other wood, tapioca wood when soaked in water gets damaged to an extent. Therefore, avoid them getting exposed to a huge amount of water.

Sprinkle few drops of water

Every two to three months, spray a few drops of water to avoid excessive dryness and the crumbling of wood flowers. This can increase the life of sola wood flowers incredibly. Trust us.

Use of pesticide

As you know, sola wood flowers are made from natural wood, so there is a little chance that some pests may affect it. If you think, it can happen, feel free to sprinkle a good organic pesticide on your sola wood flowers to continue their preservation for years.


Sola wood flowers are truly amazing in every way. Ranging from their life span to their properties, these wood flowers are perfect for the usage nearly everywhere. What else could be this marvelous? Of course, nothing can beat them.