Creating a ‘zen’ decor

Our lives can be fast-paced, busy and stressful a lot of the time, making it increasingly difficult to find calm and relaxation in our lives.One of the options we have left is to create a haven of peace in the comfort of our own homes. If you want to make your house more ‘zen’ read on for some useful tips.

  1. Use earthy colors

Zen-inspired designsinclude soft, natural colours, in gentle tones, such as cream, grey, beige, white or pink, which have the ability to create a feeling of relax and calm. Creating harmony between various elements is very important, such as providing continuity between the walls, floors and furniture.

  1. Be kind to your feet

Parquet is always a safe choice, as well as large wooden floors. Any white, gray, or light coloured parquet is very smooth but you can also choose a colour parquet as long as it is suitable for the other decor.Wool rugs provide a really gorgeous feeling of comfort but require a higher level of maintenance.

  1. Choose natural and lightweight fabrics

Fabric must stick to the same rules of nature, light and comfort. One important element of your zen decoration is the curtains which providefeelings of intimacy, while muffling noise and blocking the flow of air. Give them special care and choose natural textiles, such as linen or wool and adjust it to the rest of the room.

  1. Play with soft and natural light

For a truly relaxing space, replace hard neon lights with calming, inspired by nature, or candle lights. Place a variety of light sources that will allow you to control the intensity and area to be lit. Avoid projecting strong direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of all possibilities to combine floor lamps, lamps and indirect light.

For the bed area, reading lights mounted on the wall are very practical because they can be oriented to emphasize their respective areas, unlike bedside lamps that are rarely flexible. If you like a diffused light, you can choose some nice (scented) candles.

  1. Keep furniture simple and natural

A relaxing furniture style is to choose simple and clear lines, avoiding complicated details and excessive ornamentation. The furniture must be of high quality and made from natural ingredients because it brings a sense of warmth and relaxation. Because the bedroom is usually the main room of the Zen interior, here are some specific recommendations for room furniture:

Consider a relaxing chair where you can snuggle and read without having to use the bed, which should be kept for sleeping. For beautifully comfy replicaEames Rocking Chair, visit

Position the bed near a natural light source and try not to put it in front of the door or the hallway area. The bed height should be where you feel comfortable, but a high bed (more than 55 cm) usually accentuates the sensation of comfort. Choose leather, leather or patchwork headrests;

Keep your bed decor minimum: use mohair, wool, or feathered blankets or throws and don’t overdo it with pillows. It’s better to go for pillows in a variety of sizes and different pillowcases to switch up for either sleeping or reading.