Why It’s Best To Leave Window Installation To The Pros

You’ve decided to buy windows for your home but have you thought about who will be installing them? Many homeowners will attempt to do the work themselves in the hopes of saving some money in the long run and nothing could be more ill-advised.

That’s because it often turns out that the job ends up costing more than need be simply because the homeowner tried to cut corners on labor costs. Even the most savvy DIY’ers would be hard-pressed to attempt to install their own windows as there is just far too much room for error.

If you are planning on buying Renewal by Andersen windows, you will really need to hire a reliable contractor to do the work for you. Even the smallest mistake could have major consequences and if you or someone else who is poorly trained in working with these types of windows commits such an error, the costs of the project could increase significantly.

The reason being due to a need to repair a job that was done incorrectly. Why not spend less money on ensuring the job is done properly the first time? Hiring a professional to perform the work will allow you to avoid the perils that come with shoddy craftsmanship.

But that’s not all, you can enjoy a myriad of additional benefits that are important to keep in mind before you ultimately decide to take this task on yourself or leave your window installation to the pros:

Legal Considerations

Some states require that certain jobs are performed by properly licensed and registered contractors under penalty of law. This includes replacement window installation. So let’s put aside whether or not you have the skills and know-how to install your own windows for a second, if the state in which you live mandates that only a licensed contractor can perform this type of job then you shouldn’t even be doing this yourself in the first place. You could be facing fines or other punitive consequences.


It’s important to have in all things and even more crucial when something as important as the correct installation of your windows is at stake. That’s another reason why hiring a licensed contractor just makes good sense. That license helps to protect you and your investment by allowing you to investigate the background of anyone you plan to hire.

All you need is that license number to find out if the contractor you are considering for the job has a positive track record or if they have been involved in any disputes or lawsuits over sub-par service. A license ensures that your contractor is accountable for his or her work.

Skilled Experience

Let’s face it, a lot of homeowners will easily convince themselves that they can handle a job for which they are entirely unprepared in reality. All they have to do is watch a few YouTube videos online and follow the directions. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that, while you may be able to follow directions with ease, you couldn’t possibly be prepared for any eventualities that might occur. Things go wrong, issues come up, and the odds are that your window installation will quickly turn into a catastrophe that you’ll just end up calling a professional to bail you out of anyway.

Professional installers know how to deal with any unexpected problems because they’ve dealt with those things before already. Even better, they can probably avoid these problems altogether whereas you have no chance of displaying that level of skill since you’re not a professional window installer.

Sometimes you may not even realize there’s a problem or a mistake has been made until it’s too late and the window has been put in your home. The bad news is, you’re probably going to need to remove the window again to fix the mistake that you made, costing you time and, in all likelihood, money. The most common problems that are found with amateur installations are cracks and gaps that are left between the window and the house.

As a result your home is losing energy efficiency (and you probably bought those new replacement windows in order to increase your efficiency) and those cracks or gaps are vulnerable to the elements. The next time a storm blows through town, all that rain or snow will seep in and cause some major water damage.

Besides, trained professionals also use special tools and equipment that you don’t have. This is how they are able to install your windows properly and one of the many reasons why you should leave this kind of work to a trained contractor.