Six window and window dressing trends for 2019

You can introduce new window dressing trends to your home for not too much effort. Start small and uncover the magic of a fresh look. On a larger scale, different windows change the personality of your room.

1. Types of window

For 2019, octagonal and hexagonal shaped windows are going to predominate. This look will brighten the home superbly while creating a cosy and comfortable ambience.

2. Blinds

Blinds help to improve the appearance of your home. They maintain your privacy and limit the amount of light coming in. If you follow the trend for black window frames, consider a bright yet calm colour for blinds for a vibrant look.

3. Blinds for large windows

Consider how to dress your big windows. Use a neutral grey or white for a straightforward look, and ensure that you choose blinds which effectively reduce the glare and heat that come through large windows.

4. Curtains for octagon windows

With curtains, go for a strong look and create an atmosphere of class and style. Curtains for octagon-shaped windows are a new trend for 2019. Fluid patterns and colours are on offer.

5. Clean lines

Arched window treatments have sky-rocketed with the clean lines trend. Square-edged and crisp lines look up-to-the-minute. Accessories are reasonably priced to enable you to undertake a cheap revamp.

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6. Expansive glass

Expansive glass windows are at the forefront of 2019’s decorating trends. They improve the amount of daylight and create a dramatic aura of reasonably priced luxury. Curves are very popular.

Blinds for casement windows

Casement and awning windows are popular choices. However, privacy is an issue, ensuring that blinds are necessary. These offer light control and privacy at your fingertips. Check that you have the right style for your space.

The symbiosis of rooms and windows

You want to ensure that your room, windows and blinds are colour coordinated. Natural colours, plus a glowing dark green and coppery brown colour, are going to be popular on door and window frames next year.

Being stylish is at root all about ensuring efficiency and simplicity. So make your windows and doors part of this philosophy. The right sort of stylish blinds can add value to your home.