If you don’t like the mess of a live tree or you are allergic to a real evergreen tree, an artificial Christmas tree will be ideal. Besides, CNN states that though a real tree has more benefits, an artificial one is better than none. Balsam Hill reviews report that they are easy to maintain, and have a less environmental impact. You can use the following guide to choose the best Christmas tree for your home.


Do you want the lights to be already installed or are you planning on adding your own lights? Some people prefer the pre-lit artificial Christmas tree due to its convenience. Further, they minimize set-up and clean-up time. Also, they help you avoid the traumatizing experience of dealing with tangled strands and broken bulbs. Christmas should be stress-free and relaxing. However, they are expensive and you can’t change the color of the lights.


Nowadays, it can be hard to spot an artificial Christmas tree. They are made of polyethylene, a thermoplastic material that gives them a more realistic appearance. Avoid trees made of PVC material. The needles are wrapped around wires that loosen over time.

Tree size

Assess where you want to place your Christmas tree. Measure the width and height. Leave enough room for maneuvering when decorating. According to Balsam Hill Professional reviews, fake Christmas trees have standard heights. Hence, it is easy to buy once you know your set dimensions.

Tip Count

This is the number of needles on a tree. A tree with the highest tip count looks more realistic.  What’s more, it will support more ornaments.

Type of Branches

Fake Christmas trees come with two kinds of branches. Hinged or hooked on branches.  Hinged branches are permanently fixed in the center of the tree, while hook-in branches are hooked in the center when setting the tree.

If you are wondering how to pick an artificial Christmas tree, consider the above tips. Also, check out Balsam Hill reviews for various artificial Christmas trees.