Tips to Overcome the Common Air Conditioner Issues

During the summer season, Air Conditioners are the most vital thing which keeps the temperature of your room cooler than the outside heat. Air conditioners bring great relief to every household. Things worsen when your air conditions stop functioning in this terrific hot temperature. Thus, in this article, some important tips will help you fix your Air Conditioners and make you know the common air-conditioner problems related.

Your Air Conditioner is continuously running

Generally, the air conditioners get turned off after reaching a certain temperature. The runtime depends on the temperature ratio of the outdoors and indoors. There is a feature where the air-conditioners automatically stop and conserves energy until the room temperature is back to its normal temperature.

If the Air Conditioner does not stop, you must check the thermostats and switch off the powers. You can also check the electrical parts, compressor, and air filters. After checking everything, if your issue is still not sorted, you must call an expert from your nearest company service center. They could resolve your issue without fail.

Your Air Conditioner is blowing warm air

This is an absolute tragedy when you are exhausted from the heat outside and your air conditioner is blowing warm air when you are sweating. This may happen if your air filters get dirt particles trapped. Also, this could happen from duct blockage, which overheats the compressor

In this case, you must clean the air filters every month. Cleaning with soap or water is more efficient than dry cleaning as it washes the dirt away and allows the cold air to pass. You must also clean the duct with expert guidance from your nearest company service center.

Your Air Conditioner smell weird

Your air conditioner could service, and suddenly one day, you are getting a bad or a weird smell from your air conditioner. This is when you should realize that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Improper cleaning of your ducts and damaged eclectic parts could cause this issue.

If you get any burning smell, the first thing you should do is to switch off the air conditioner. A good expert from your nearest company showroom can further fix this issue.


Hope the article has helped you understand the issues and how to overcome them. Also to avoid these kinds of problems regarding air conditioners you must do a thorough servicing frequently.