Protecting Your Home From Damaging Pests

Did you know that most home structure damage done by pests sits undetected for years? Sometimes harm done to your home isn’t identified until you want to sell your property, and an inspector recognizes a potential problem. So, other than crawling under your home with a flashlight to look for holes in your support beams and foundational structures, how can you protect your home from damaging pests? Here are some clues you can use to help protect yourself.

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Millions of dollars in home fires are caused by rodents such as rats, mice, and bunnies each year in attics, basements, and walls. The critters can chew through insulation and into wires in an effort to build their nests, and then urinate on the broken wires, causing fires that can quickly spread in the vacant areas.


It is claimed that more than $5 billion of damage is done to homes every year in the United States alone by the many species of pernicious termites. If you are wondering how to get rid of termites Fort Myers FL, contact a pest termination specialist. The company will use a special chemical on the wooden areas of your home and sometimes even on the dirt surrounding your foundation to alleviate the pest problems.


Powder post beetles lay their larvae in the wood of your home so that when the little creatures hatch, they can dine on the available structure. As the miniscule insects eat, the larvae leave behind a powder, much like flour or dust, leaving trails that are difficult to identify without knowledgeable help.


Carpenter ants come in many different species, but none of them eat wood. Rather, they all love to chew rounded out areas to nest in the wooden structures of your home. The carpenter ants are considered second only to termites in the damage they can do to private structures.

Protect yourself with a home inspection by a pest control company every other year. Catching the problem early can save you many hundreds of dollars in repairs.